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Mark Anderson

928 International
Stroked 6.4 Liter
1988 Porsche 928 S4


About Mark Anderson
I owned a 1979 911 SC. While at my repair shop, I was making fun of a 928 on the lift claiming it was not a "real" Porsche. The owner proceeded to tell me to pick the road and he would kick my butt with the 928. He said unless I was a very talented driver he would win. He also told me that my 911 had 180hp and that if I found a Euro "S" it would have 300 hp.

Within a few months I was driving a 1980 Euro "S" and loving it. It was so much more comfortable and very easy to drive fast. It wasn't long before I entered an autocross and started my addiction to speed in a 928.

I competed in that car for a year and then bought a second 928 just for the track. After stripping out all the parts I didn't need, I put ads in 'Panorama' and got quite a good response. It seems that there were few choices when it came to finding 928 parts which I soon found out whenever I needed anything. Although my plan was not to get in the parts business, I thought that I could generate some extra cash for racing by selling parts. Soon I was getting more calls at work for parts than for my real job...

So began 928 International.
About 928 International

The foundation for 928 International was laid in 1986 when Mark Anderson successfully time trialed a European 1980 928S with the Porsche Owners Club. After becoming the 1988 KS time trial champion, Mark went on to prepare three more purpose built race cars, culminating in his current 6.4 liter street legal race car.

Realizing the performance potential of the 1989 GT, Mark purchased Lorenzo Lamas' near new car as the basis for his first race car. Needing only a drive train and suspension, Mark was left with many nearly new parts, which he successfully sold through "enthusiast" magazines. Recognizing an international need for quality used parts, Mark incorporated as 928 International and obtained a state authorized dismantler's license.

To date, over 250 928s have been acquired for parts, ranging from a 1994 GTS back to the 214th car built in 1978.

In a "reverse assembly process," a 928 is reduced to component parts in as little as three days. The parts are marked, tagged and stored inside the warehouse, which features over 11,000 square feet of storage space.

In addition to offering used parts, 928 International is a leader in the sale of rebuilt and remanufactured parts such as water pumps, steering racks, central driveshaft tubes, starters, alternators, and so on.

Since 928 International sells more new parts than used, we have an inventory of new parts with an original value exceeding one million U.S. dollars. Included are a number of rare and unusual parts (e.g. a Japanese catalytic converter for a 928) acquired as excess inventory from Porsche Cars North America, Porsche dealers, import part distributors and European manufacturers.

Power: 425 RWHP
Performance: TBD
Top speed: TBD
Weight: 2675 lbs
Transmission: GTS 5 spd with internal oil cooler
Clutch: Double Disc
Wheels: 11" X 18" Kinessis x 4
Brakes: 14" Front Brake Rotors with F50 Calipers
Shocks: MOTON triple adjustable
Exhaust: Dual 3" with "X" Cross-Over and Magnaflow Mufflers
Other Mods:
. . . Custom 42mm Front Sway Bar
. . . Custom 28mm Rear Sway Bar
. . . Custom Front and Rear Control Arms without rubber bushings
. . . Fuel Cell

Safety equip:
    Racing Harness
    Onboard Fire suppression system and hand extinguisher
Added systems:
    928 International 6.4 Liter Stroker
    Dry Sump Oil System
    Remote Oil Cooler
    Club Sport Alternator
    External Transmission Cooler
    928 International

Mark Anderson
Age: 41, Family: Wife, Renee - Kids: Scott, Rachael
Other Interests: Snow boarding, water skiing, fishing
Main occupation: Owner: 928 International

Racing Experience:

    1985 100 cc karts with IKF
    1986 100cc stock heavy champion
    1987 100cc KT100 champion
    1987 Silver State classic 4th pl
    1988 Silver State classic 4th pl (151mph average over 91 miles)
    1989 Joined PCA and POC
    1989 KS champion POC
    1990 KS champion POC
    1991 Willow Springs Driving School
    1992 V1 champion POC
    1993 V0 champion POC
    1993 Tested a 1989 March Indy car at Firebird
    1994 took year off to build new car
    1995 8 PCA and POC club races
    1996 Tribute to Lemans Enduro and 8 club races
    1997 Tribute to Lemans Enduro and 8 club races
    1997 Rolex 24 hours at Daytona
    1998 Tribute to Lemans Enduro and 7 club races
    1999 Tribute to Lemans Enduro and 9 club races
    1999 Speedvision World Challenge at Laguna Seca- qualified 9th- finished 10th
    2000 Tribute to Lemans and 7 club races
    2000 Poc R2R champion
    2000 Speedvision World Challenge Laguna Seca, Sears Point, San Diego, Las Vegas
    2000 928 Owner's Clulb International Convention, Hallett Raceway
    2001 Speedvision World Challenge Mosport, Lime Rock, Laguna Seca, Sears Point
    2002 Speed World Challenge Mosport, Lime Rock, Mid Ohio, Road America, Laguna Seca
    POC driving instructor 1993-2002

Tracks Driven:

    Willow Springs
    Hallett Raceway
    Phoenix International
    Laguna Seca
    Button Willow
    Sears Point
    Road America
    Lime Rock
    Las Vegas Speedway
    Las Vegas Motor speedway
    Los Angeles Street Race
    San Diego Street race
    Streets of Willow Springs

Pictures of Mark Anderson's

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Mark & Friends
Hallett Raceway

928 OCIC July 2000

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Hit at Sears Point

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Mark Anderson's Race Schedule


"Mark Anderson and his 928 is the most talked about guy in the Speed Challenge series this year."
Derek Daly - SpeedVision

Speed World Challenge

May 17 - 19
Bowmanville, Ontario

For those of you not familiar with Mosport it is the mother of all road coarses. It has 2 blind apex, off camber, decreasing radius, high speed turns that take lots of confidence. We had our best showing in the last 3 years with World Challenge. We got into the top ten in practice and finished there as well.

As they say on TV " My 928 International 928 was great all weekend but a special thanks go out to my crew for making it all happen" . I will be sending my in car camera tape to Mark Kibort to take some highlights off and put onto CD. We had some great battles with a few factory 996 Cup cars. As some of you may have heard, I blew the standing start by up shifting from 1st to 4th so I got passed by 3 996 cup cars going into the first turn. This just made things more interesting as I had to work my way back up.
I think I need to practice my standing starts a little more.

Next weekend it's off to Lime Rock CT with the help of David Lloyd and many others. I hope to have a good report again next week.
- Mark

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First, I have to say that Mark drove a great race on Sunday. Actually, this is rather understated.... consider that the Mosport track is very "technical" and is 2.46 miles per lap. I clocked Mark's lap times during the race and have numbers that show five CONSECUTIVE laps with a total time spread of only .47 seconds from the quickest to the slowest of the five.... incidently all five laps bettered Saturday's qualifying time, and consistency like this speaks volumes for Mark's ability behind the wheel. Other than the race start, after which Mark subsequently passed the three 996 Cup cars back (and NOBODY heard about the 1st to 4th from me!), only ONE car managed to make a pass stick on the 928 International GTS during the race - the "cubic dollar" Saleen SR that was fast enough to finish 6th. It was a VERY fast field, as the top 8 finishers ALL bettered the previous track record for the GT class! This really puts Mark's 10th place finish in real perspective.

A personal highlight of the weekend for me was squeezing into what was once the passenger side of the car for the pre-grid "Parade Lap" around the track, and feeling just how hard that car can accelerate.... AWESOME! Thanks Mark.

- Brad Orr
'78 euro 5 speed

Lime Rock
Lakeville, Connecticut
May 24 - 27



First off I want to thank David Lloyd for organizing a more than capable pit crew (see below). Fortunately we didn't need to do very much as the car was near perfect. Other than some sway bar and shock adjustments we ran the car the way it left Mosport. I did manage to get the 1-2 shift at the start this time but a car got sideways in front of me and I lost 2 positions into turn 1. Over the next 6 laps we improved 4 positions but with 1 lap to go I got hit from the rear and spun off the track to finish in 14th place. The race at Mosport (from 5/17-19) will be on TV this Saturday 6/1 at 6:00 pm on Speed channel for those who have it. - Mark Anderson

Pit crew
    David & Jane Chamberland
    Jim Komiak
    Fran Mulchy
    Ron Magliano
    John Rhine
    Charles McGuire
    Kurt Gibble
    David Lloyd
    Allan Holbrook
    John Karam
    Greg & Barb Klanderman
    Carll Peterson
    John Rhine

Willow Springs POC
Tribute to LeMans
May 31 - June - 2

Mid Ohio
Lexington, Ohio
June 28 - 30



Well I'm back from a great weekend in Ohio. From a racing perspective it was very challenging. I had never been to this track and it is very difficult. I expected to be slow at first but I had hoped to be able to pick up the pace by race day. Unfortunately we only get 40 minutes of practice before the race and it was just not enough for me to fall into the groove so I started 22 out of 25.

The good news is that I finished 16th and picked up my lap times by 1.5 seconds during the race. I had the pleasure of lots of great company. Jim Stoops was my crew chief all weekend and did a great job. Jay Wellwood was my flag presenter and we might even catch a glimpse of him on TV. We were also joined by Rick Carter, Doug Meredith, Michael Gerard, Josh Wellwood, Pete Martin, and some others but the names escape me (sorry). Everyone was more than willing to help but the car has been so trouble free that there was very little to do.

It's off to Road America on Thursday where I am expecting some better results. I've been there 3 times and it is a much better 928 track. I'll report on that next week,
- Mark
Here's the Speed Channel commentary regarding Mark Anderson at the Mid-Ohio race:

Co-announcer: Meanwhile we go back on board our fifteenth place runner right now, Mark Anderson and that Porsche 928 GTS. Love the sound of that V8!

Derek Daly: ...and for all you 928 fans, and there are many around the country, this is your man! 928 International is his company. Mark drove a long way to bring this car here this weekend. Heís never been to mid-Ohio before. Didnít have a great practice session. Had lots of trouble. But he had lots of help also because believe it or not, 928 supporters drove from across the country to support him here this weekend. [Thanks to David Schmidt for the transcript]

Road America
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
July 5 - 7


For Road America Pictures

Just got back from a great weekend at the track and once again I was joined by a terrific bunch of people. Jean Louis Picouet picked me up at the airport Thursday night and brought me back to his house for dinner and fireworks. Friday morning we went to the track with the rest of his family and was met there by Carl Fausett and his son Ty.

In the first morning warm up I was experiencing a mid corner and exit push which was similar to the problem I was having at Mid Ohio. We tried a few minor changes before the afternoon practice but saw little improvement. The next day was qualifying and we needed to find about 3 seconds. I was ready to take a chance and make some major changes. We changed the front sway bar, front camber, and front toe. We also changed the front brake pads as I did not think they would make it through the whole race. The plan was to bed in the new pads in the first 2 laps and use the rest of the 20 minute qualifier to find a good lap. Unfortunately the fastest car in yesterday's warm up went off in the kink and spread out body parts everywhere so we only got 4 laps in.

We were making some progress with the handling but I was still not happy as I was giving up too much time in the fastest sections of the track. We decided to change the rear camber, rear sway bar adjustment and rear shock setting before the race. During the race we were able to improve our lap times by almost 2 seconds and the front runners were slower (because of different track conditions) by about 1 second so the changes we made were working well. We finished 13th place but only by a small stroke of luck. The low fuel light came on with 2 laps to go and by the end of the next lap the engine was cutting out on the corner exits. We crossed the finish line while coasting and never lost a position because of the lead we had built up over the cars behind us.

I'd also like to thank the following people who lent their support:
Jaime Howton (thank for posting the pics)
Tim Murphy (what a great super charged ride)
Mike Schmidt
Jim Page
Austin Fausett
Chris Bale
Rick Slatter
Marshal Schlichting
Sorry if I forgot any others,
- Mark Anderson #92

Laguna Seca POC
August 23 - 25

Road America
Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
August 31 - September 1

Laguna Seca
September 20 - 22

Let me start by saying that the famous "Al Holbert Land Speed record holder" has even more history. Mark Kibort will probably give more details but Derek Bell signed his car twice. Once with his car and the second with a pen. I must say that Derek Bell is truly a gentleman. He always takes time to say hello and ask how things are going.

Both Kibort and I had a great weekend. It was great to see all the 928 owners come out and lend their support. It does look like this may be the last showing of a 928 racing in a professional sports car race so you may want to catch it when it airs on TV.

My weekend was a little frustrating. I had been at this track just 3 weeks prior at a Porsche club race. I spent 2 days working on my set up and was quite happy with the results winning my races both Saturday and Sunday. 3 weeks go by and I made no changes to the car but I can't get back to my lap times from 3 weeks ago. I'm guessing it was the hotter weather.

I qualified 18th out of 25 and was up to 16th at the end of the first lap. On lap 2 I spun coming out of turn 3 and lost 6 positions. Luckily I was able to get back on the track quickly and worked my way back up to 15th behind Boris Said but I could never get close enough to try to pass. The best part was I had a blast. Just driving behind Boris Said for 10 laps was an education and lapping a Z06 Corvette wasn't bad either.

- Mark Anderson #92

928 International

Willow Springs POC
October 12 - 13

Sears Point PCA

October 26 - 27

Willow Springs POC
November 30 - December 1

The New Racing Tub
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Progress - March 2003

Mark's first race of the 2003 season will be April 26th.
He expects to have the new car ready in time for that event.

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Race photos courtesy of Bruce Mallery
STARR Photography, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Mon, 28 Jul 2003
Just got back from a fantastic weekend at Sears Point (now Infineon). As some of you may know I recently rebuilt my car from the ground up over the winter and I also fitted the new 928 Development carbon intake system. I had been working on the car for weeks and we had dynoed the intake but never had a chance to actually test it so I was very excited.

Our initial test showed an improvement of 40 more rwhp (now 470 total rwhp) but I think there is more ahead since we are presently using the factory mass air sensor. I had sent SCCA a formal request to run the new manifold and got a 1 race provisional which was up for review after this weekend. I am happy to report that they are now adding it to the 928 vehicle technical sheet so it will be legal for all 928's to use:

There is a small increase in power between 1500 rpm and 2700 rpm but above 4500 it really takes off big time. The stock manifold drops of at 6k rpm but this pulls strong to 7k and with much better throttle response. To top if off it weighs a bunch less and that's always appealing to us racers. It should also provide cooler air since it does not transmit as much heat as the cast manifold.

The first practice session we were 14th out of 24 but I had a problem with a crank case breather and only got about 1/2 the session in. I also thought the car had to much over steer so I wanted to make a spring change before the next session later that day. Session 2 the car felt much better and I was convinced I picked up 1-2 seconds but the timing sheets show we lost .7 seconds and dropped back to 17th place:

Apparently my ass-o-meter is not functioning properly.

Saturday we qualified 14th and picked up a full second over our best time and we were in the middle of a very tight group of 7 cars separated by less than 1 second. The start went well and I picked up 1 position in the first lap and another on lap 3. I was in the middle of this 6 car freight train with Randy Pobst leading in the factory Audi. By lap 15 I was up to 9th place but in the 20th lap Randy Pobst lost a tire in the middle of turn 7 and in the mayhem I lost a position and finished 10th which still paid $1000. This was by far the best Speed GT race I've been in with lots of action and very close racing.

A lengthy post-race inspection revealed that I narrowly made my official weight of 2850 with driver. I weighed in at 2856. Had we not had a few laps under yellow I would not have made it. The SCCA officials also said that I was up for the "Hard Charger Award" of the race but they gave it to the guy who passed me at the end.

Thanks for all the 928 owners who came up and supported us. I let Kibort fill you in on his weekend but he had a good time as well.
- Mark

Mark kibort checks in...

In talking to most all the fast teams, Marks HP is now inline. Mark Drove a great race, and has learned Sears very well, and quickly I might add. Looks like his HP off set his last times there with PCA when Don and I were there by running a 1:45.6, and a 1:44.1 in the PCA race on slicks. Keep in mind that the Sears (Infinion raceway) track layout was a little different, having what they call the "long turn 7".

Ive just reviewed the video and its a 2.3 second to 2 second difference. That makes his 1:45.6 on DOT 275/335s a 1:43.6!!!!! ON STREET DOT race rubber. Since we all know that 315s all the way around in good year slicks are way faster, this should give an appreciation for how fast he was running, and how fast those top 10 cars are!!! considering the PTG bmws weigh 300lbs less, and make close to 400hp rear wheel, not to mention 10million dollars for the 4 car team, its amaizing guys like Mark Anderson were anywhere close.

My race report is coming! as mark said, I had a blast.
- Mark kibort
Speed Gt #19
Porsche 928S4
Tue, 2 Sep 2003
Well, as you may have read we all had a great weekend [at Road America]. The most amazing thing continues to be the people. Any time anyone needed help there was a team of volunteers to do what ever was needed. When Don Hanson's engine quit, John V. and Jean Louis jumped in to diagnose and install a new cam belt. When Joe Fan needed pads John V. was back to work. My biggest problem during the weekend was loosing an alternator belt and I had several wanting to do what ever they could. It was great to see such support.

To say I was thrilled with my new CF intake is an understatement. There's not much better than passing multiple factory prepared 911's on the front straight and later having some of them come over to find out what the heck we had under the hood.

I decreased my lap times by almost 6 seconds from the last time I was there which is huge. In the first warm up on Saturday there was only one car out of over 300 that was faster and that was Kevin Buckler with his Lemans and Daytona winning car.

I could go on and on but I will let the rest of the participants tell there own stories. It was great to see the "Mouse motor" group having so much fun and being so competitive.

Hope to see some more 928's at Laguna Seca this weekend at the World Challenge event.
- Mark
New Carbon Fiber Intake System
by Phil Threshie - 928 Developments

Mark Anderson

Many photos courtesy of John Moriarty
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