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Tony's Tech Tips Mark Anderson's Race Car
A/c Porsche Paint Colors
A/c Air Recirculation Flap Option Codes
A/c blower fan Porsche Owner’s Club
A/c Center Vent Porsche Club of America
A/c Heater Valve Rennlist
A/c Summer Mod for heater valve 928 OC
A/c vacuum
A Arm (front) bushing  Installation
Alternator Replacement
Bosch K Jetronic
Brake Caliper Refinishing
Brake Caliper Refurbish (Front)  
Brake Caliper Refurbish (Rear)  
Brake Fluid Flush  
Brake Pad replacement
Brake pad replacement 86-95 inc handbrake
Brake Service  
Camshaft Seals and Plugs
Center console
Check Crank End Play
Clock (Digital) 12 Hour Mode
Coolant Drain and Change  
Cooling system
Cruise control
Differential Fluid Change
Door Pin Switch Repair  
Engine and General Introduction  
Engine Number Location
Evolution of the 928
Flappy or Resonance Valve
Flex Plate and Crank End Play  
Front Coil Over Removal
Front Suspension  
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel Sender Seal Replacement  
Fuel pump Relay, Jumping
GTS Mirror Conversion
GTS Mirror Wiring '80-'84
GTS Mirror Wiring '85-'86
GTS Mirror Wiring '86R
GTS Mirror Wiring '90-'91
Heater valve
Hood Removal and Liner Repair  
HVAC Vacuum Leak Test and Repair  
Ignition 85-95
Instrument Pod Removal, '89 and older
Intake 87-95
Intake Manifold and Valve Covers, Refinishing
Intake Manifold Removal
Intake Refresh  
Keys by picture
LH Brain Replacement
Limited Slip Differential Fluid Flushing
Motor Mount Change
Motor mounts
Motor Mount Help  
Odometer Gears
Odometer Repair  
Oil change
Oil Check Valves
Oil Filler Neck  
Oil Pressure Sender Replacement
Parking Brake System
Pinch Collar- Drive shaft movement
Pod Removal and Instrument Cluster Repair  
Pod Removal and Instrument Cluster Repair Part 2  
Power Steering Hose  
Power Steering Return Replacement
Rear Coil Over Removal
Rear Axle Boot Replacement Guide  
Relay/Fuse Chart 1978-1984
Relay/Fuse Chart 1985-1988
Relay/Fuse Chart 1989-1995
Restore More Precise Shifting
RMB Installation
Short Shifter Installation
Spark Plugs
Steering rack
Stereo Tips
Thermostat Change/ Coolant Flush
Thrust Bearing Failures
Tie rods
Timing Belt, How to Change
Timing Belt, How to Change 
Timing Belt and Water Pump '78-'84
Timing Belt and Water Pump '87  
Timing Belt Tension
Timing Belt Tension 2
Torque Converter Bearing Replacement
Torque Tube Replacement (Auto)
Trans Fluid Change (Auto)
Trans Fluid Change (Auto) 2
Transmission Gear Indicator Light (Auto)
Under the Hood, what is it
Under the Wheel Wells, what is it
Valve Cover Removal
Water Pump Block Repair  
Window Switch Problems
Wing (S4), the Proper Way to Paint